Letters to the Editor

What concerns me is that the Missouri Department of Conservation has promoted sharpshooting and other lethal methods of "harvesting" (let's tell it like it is -- killing the deer herd). In other words, lethal, inhumane methods. Their local representatives have scared residents and certain members of the board into thinking that "trapping and releasing is expensive -- up to $600 per deer." When pressed, their local representative gave a figure of "$300 per deer to euthanize them." Two individuals who translocate deer for a living have given a cost of $150 per deer plus expenses (perhaps $180 per deer). Several individuals have come forward expressing an interest in the deer. And the local MDC representative has stated publicly that "MDC will do whatever we want them to." Just think, if the Board of Aldermen could actually listen to the residents who elected them, there could be an actual "win-win" situation!

I applaud the concerned citizens who graciously came forward offering private funds to help translocate the deer. If I could, I would thank them personally. Hopefully they will be remembered in the years to come as having had the vision of promoting humane deer management that could be studied and replicated on the state, maybe even the national, level.

Barbara Ann Hughes

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