Tom's Tidbits

AND FINALLY: I'll tell you what. Without the words "I'll tell you what," and "You know what?" the gentlemen at sports-talk radio station KFNS (AM 590) would be struck dumb.... A 12-step group meets under a famous statue in a famous city park at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays. The group holds a meeting as it walks the park. Call 647-3677.... I say the voice of T.J. Mullin, attorney-at-law, sounds a lot like Ozzie Smith.... People who bet on college sports are brave souls. If you give a college kid your car keys, you can't be sure what's going to happen. Betting on what he'll do with a football is even trickier.... Sports folk love to talk about a coach being a "defensive genius" or an "offensive wizard." Seems to me, you'd have to know about one to know about the other.... This year a New Jersey lawyer clocked a courtroom wall going 7 mph, with a laser speed-detector gun, so says Motive magazine. Do you wonder about the speed guns clocking baseball pitching phenoms?

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