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Compared to his last recording, 1996's Green-Eyed Radio, Peter Mayer thinks Romeo's Garage came together much more quickly -- and has a more basic, stripped-down musical approach. "Earlier this year, a friend told me I really needed to get a new recording out, rather than waiting for the perfect time to put it together," he says. "It really made sense, and I already had a bunch of tunes written. So I wrote some additional songs, like 'Chain of Love' and 'My Rainbow,' and luckily was able to get some time booked in Mac McAnally's studio in Muscle Shoals, Ala. It came together really quickly, and it's more basic for me, but I'm really happy with how it sounds." (TP)

PHOTO REQUESTS: Musicians, the RFT continually prints photos of local bands in our "Calendar" section, usually in conjunction with upcoming gigs. If you want us to print your photo, though, obviously we have to have one on hand. So send us your photos for possible use in the "Calendar." Send them to the address listed at the front of the paper, attention "Calendar." Make sure you include the name of the band (or individual artist), along with a contact phone number. (RR)

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