Letters to the Editor

Justine Eiseman


To the Editor:
I only met Frank Moskus ("Frank Moskus: 1920-1998," RFT, Dec. 9) a few times. He was the oldest soul and the sweetest song I ever knew. That smile and that twinkle just made people feel warm and right. I think I'll sing to him, too.

Harry Liebman


To the Editor:
Regarding the morsel on soccer ("Sports," RFT, Dec. 2), just a little correction: MLS is not in Nashville, and though it is in Chicago, I think you meant to say St. Louis is a good spot for the A-League Pro-40 Team because the A-League is already in Nashville and Chicago (if Chicago's D3 team is promoted). Thus Midwestern routing will be easier in the A-League.

This is indeed a great prospect for St. Louis. I and many others have been waiting for quality outdoor soccer to return to St. Louis. The problem, as always, is the facility. You failed to mention the reason St. Louis is "seldom mentioned as a candidate in national circles" -- it's the facility. St. Louis hasn't one. Fenton has something of a soccer field, but St. Louis has nothing. That is the reason for no MLS. They would love to put a franchise here, but there is simply nowhere to play.

The best solution would be a 40,000-seat stadium in the city which MLS and SLU could share. The ideal location would be the Arena's spot. Barring that, renovating any of the many aging high-school facilities in town would be a fine solution. Soccer must be a city thing, and Fenton is the reason we're considered a test market for the A-League and not for MLS. But with a nice, central outdoor stadium we could host professional (outdoor) soccer and make a damn fine Olympic bid -- what with everything else located tightly in downtown.

In the meantime, thank you for your quality coverage of the news.
Tony Brasunas


To the Editor:
As The Riverfront Times is experiencing a change of ownership, I wanted to voice my great appreciation for your publication and its support of the arts. I am an avid reader and every Wednesday make a special trip to get my copy.

The RFT is the only paper in town that weekly offers local theater reviews. I often wondered if your staff realized the incredible impact that those reviews have. We not only read the reviews to see a measurement of theater performances, we read them to see what our community offers. Reviews of college productions, community theaters and special theatrical events such as playwrights' festivals give the readers exposure to the many opportunities available in our area. Even though it may be after the fact, we are reminded that we need to read your "Calendar" section religiously so that we don't miss the next one. Also, reviews of those shows/productions/organizations that are most likely operating in the red give much-needed notoriety to those theaters and entice those members to rush out to get your publication.

The impact of a Wilcox/Weber/Isaacson review is long-lasting. We use them as historical documents. Sometimes we display them in hallways, lobbies and picture frames. The unfavorable ones are still stuck safely away in scrapbooks. But in each and every case, the RFT name shows that our favorite community paper supports the entire theatrical community, regardless of funding or income. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Linda Spall

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