Net Return

In high school, Keene got his first notice as a freshman, and by the time he was a senior every major college coach in the country had visited his house. Though Illinois was just coming through a period of probation, he made the popular choice around his hometown and attended the in-state school.

A post-college career seemed a reasonable thing to shoot for, and the setbacks since -- the CBA/Europe detour, the injury -- haven't shaken Keene from his goal of playing pro ball, with the new IBL a possibility.

"It comes into your mind," he says of stopping the pursuit. "But you talk to different players, and they all say to stick with it. One shot, one good opportunity, and it could take off for you. For some guys it's just one situation or one good season. Sometimes you think of giving up, but it's something you've worked for year-round. You want to take it as far as you can."

Maybe Keene will be a part of the new RCBC mix. If playing locally doesn't work out, however, Keene has no intention of giving up. "Basically, wherever I'd get the opportunity, I'd play," he says. "I'll go anywhere.

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