Gunn Play

Former east St. Louis trumpeter Russell Gunn appears at the Sheldon as his major-label debut, Ethnomusicology, Volume 1, hits the shelves

Gunn moved to Atlanta last September, and he seems happy with that new aspect of his life as well. He and his wife have a new baby daughter, and he finds plenty of advantages in his new location.

"We decided to move to Atlanta because we didn't want our daughter to grow up in New York, and I think, aside from New Orleans, Atlanta is the next best place in the country to hear and play jazz. I play in clubs here on a semiregular basis, and although there's not the depth of music you find in New York, it balances out. Here, I can walk outside in my shorts in January, and I have trees and grass and silence. And I'll probably live longer, too!"

Although you won't hear Gunn performing his Ethnomusicology music at the Sheldon on Thursday, you'll definitely hear him putting his talent to work on some classic Miles Davis music in the company of Bonds and Harrold. And that approach is just fine with Gunn.

"I think we'll be playing Miles tunes from his albums like Four, his more recognizable things rather than Bitches Brew or In a Silent Way," he says. "But that's fine. I love playing that way, too.

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