On With the Show

Latter-day vaudevillian Danny O'Day hasn't let changing tastes or the loss of his beloved Gaslight Square keep him from his life's work

He's talking about folks like Bob Kuban, Marty Bronson, Dick Gregory, Frank Moskus, those who brought energy and bodies to a neighborhood now thirsting for both.

Heading back into the dentist's office, now even later for his appointment, Schneider says, "It's been nice to meet you, Danny. It's just like meeting Bob Hope." O'Day laughs, but the compliment obviously registers.

Walking back to the car, O'Day lingers at the doors of the Crystal Palace. Though the building's still standing, it's clearly damaged. There's a grass lot across the street where the late Lou Bonds tried to get the Prestige Lounge going in the early '90s. Now the building and its trademark columns are gone. That venue was the last nightclub presence in the area. O'Day wonders aloud whether some of the old gang, those who are left, could get the block running again.

"It's crazy, but it could really be great.

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