Sound Checks

Everlast is one Erik Schrody, who in his previous musical life was the leader of hip-hoppers House of Pain, and on Whitey Ford Sings the Blues (Tommy Boy), his first solo album after leaving House of Pain, he states his intention to merge folk and rock with hip-hop. "What I'm trying to do is," he says in his press release, "what would happen if Ritchie Blackmore met Timbaland.'" Ugh. Rivers would flow backward, ostriches would copulate with llamas and I'd burn all my records. Oh, and "What It's Like" would be a huge hit. Please, Erik, you've caused enough pain; for the love of God, don't introduce the two.

See the One-Shtick Wonder Tour at the American, and don't forget to smuggle in some stones with which to pelt 2 Skinnee J's. Save a few for that dude from Sugar Ray. (RR)

Contributors: Daniel Durchholz, Terry Perkins, Randall Roberts

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