Radio Active

WGNU-AM hosts Virginia McCarthy and Ray Ytzaina field phone calls fast and furious from their devoted listeners

But it's 920 AM, after all, home to every of sort free speech. On Sunday afternoons, you know you'll get wonderfully dated Central European pop on the German Hit Parade. If it's Monday night, you'll get Skip Erwin's sports gabfest, a weekly two-hour love letter to himself. (Hey, Skip, did you work with the Washington Bullets? Tell us one more time!) And if you're tuned in during drive-time in the middle of the week, well, you'll get Virginia and Ray. It's quite a show, with regulars like the Pilgrim Lady, the Motorcycle Man, the Babysitter and the "dive bombers" who home in on the last five minutes of a shift and antagonize the hosts with quick bursts of disagreement or nonsense.

"There's a saying here: 'The callers never change; just the hosts do,'" Ytzaina offers. "At KMOX, you get screened; here, you're on. They've only got the eight-second delay. It can be wild."

Some days, more than others.

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