Sweet Talker

Rep director Steve Woolf relishes bringing the character of the seductive Alexa Vere de Vere to life in a new production of As Bees in Honey Drown

The play's ultimate irony is that it seduces its audience with the same sort of glamour, pace and style that Alexa uses on Evan. Written in a style more akin to a screenplay, Bees switches locations, times and places in a heartbeat. It is stuffed with references to artists, places, fashion designers, writers and products that are smart and knowing, and just when you think Alexa is making sense, she rushes off on another alluring tangent that makes you forget that the previous thought was perhaps just mirrors. She, of course, uses bangles instead of smoke. As with Alexa's friends, the play tends to, as Woolf puts it, "steal a bit of the soul."

"It's not often that we meet someone who has the power to change people's lives and destinies, but Alexa Vere de Vere does," he says. "She takes the hunger that we all have to be fabulous, flawless, and turns it into fuel that propels one into another orbit. Of course, how real this is and the effects of such speed are what the play is about. But, as Alexa says, it is 'fabulous -- and I never use that word.


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