Days of Heaven

Best reference to Our Fair City in a song during the festival: Tom Waits overjoyed the sellout crowd at the Paramount Theater on Saturday at midnight and sang a new song, "Hold On," which features the following verse: "God bless your crooked little heart/St. Louis got the best of me/I miss your broken-china voice/How I wish you were still here with me." We'll forgive him for rhyming "me" with "me" -- he can get away with that. Considering the number of times in his lyrical life he's dropped St. Louis and East St. Louis into his songs, you'd figure he might want to play here; alas, no news yet. Fun fact: Waits also makes reference to Moberly, Mo., in a song on his new album.

Triumph Through Adversity Award Winners: Our own Five Deadly Venoms, who played an equally out-of-the-way Electric Pavilion on Friday night -- at the same time that the Flaming Lips were performing across town, no less -- to a handful of fans. Despite the paltry turnout, the band roared through their material as though the place was packed; the recent addition of Brian Pollard (ex of Ghoul 5) on drums has provided an extra boost of adrenaline to their sound. Unlike Russell Gunn, Venoms bassist Jimmy Vavak was much more positive about the experience: "The place was a little out of the loop as far as where the rest of the clubs were, but it was a great place, a great place to play. And it was our first time there, and we hadn't played in Austin all that much -- just one time -- so you can't expect too much, just to have fun; I'd have been there anyway. It was just super fun to play, and I think Erik and Danny and Brian all had a great time; they got to see a shitload of bands. It's just fun to be a part of it.

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