Hit Parade

Was the singer's voice a bit taxed? Yes. Did they bring a crowd? Oh, yeah. Is the drummer over the age of 12? Maybe. Are they St. Louis' best teenage band? Could very well be. Catch them when you can.

PRESS RELEASE OF THE WEEK: Left Bank Books has announced that acclaimed British writer Nick Hornby will be appearing at the bookshop on Sunday, April 25. The author of three fantastic books (the football memoirs of Fever Pitch and the novels High Fidelity and About a Boy), he's simply one of the most entertaining, funniest writers working today. Don't even think of grabbing a front-row seat. They're taken.

DEPARTURE OF THE WEEK: Harry White, the pride of Southwest High School and the man known by all as the "commissioner of wrestling," has been living in Columbia, Mo., for the better part of the last two years but still haunting St. Louis on the weekends. However, he'll be farther away soon, moving to Austin, Texas, in April. No one in town knew more about the history and goings-on of pro wrestling, nor did anyone share the info with as much self-deprecating humor and goodwill. A regular on public-access cable and a columnist for the late, great zine 15 Minutes, White'll be missed at watering holes like the Way Out Club and Venice Cafe. Good luck to Harry in his new life.

QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: (1) Will new SLU basketball coach Lorenzo Romar go for the guaranteed-access, $900 parking spot near the West Pine Gym, or will he take a chance on the first-come, first-served $360 spot down at the Olive and Compton garage? Smart money says he goes for the premium space. (2) If the Post-Dispatch and the Landmarks Association are serious about increasing the profile of their series of city charettes, why don't they change the name? Call them design meetings or urban-planning forums or city seminars. Call them something that people will understand. Simply explaining the meaning of "charette" every time out doesn't work. Besides, no one likes the French.

RFT ANAGRAMS OF THE WEEK: In the final installment of this wildly popular segment of "Hit Parade," we lament the fact that words sometimes just don't work into the pliable form you wish them to take. Occasionally you long for maybe one, two, three, even 16 extra letters to give your anagram the punch you want. In our swan-song anagrams bit, we offer some not-quite-right examples of the form. For example, "WGNU's Skip Erwin = Usually Talks Much." Catch the drift? The words don't quite work into new phrases. They don't work at all. So what?

Rob Fischer = No Question
The New Mix 93.7 = Worst of 3 Decades
Bob Ramsey = No Question
Blake Brokaw = Vegetable Killer
The Creepy Crawl = Closet Yanni Fans
World's Fair Donuts = Manna from Gods
Howard Balzer = No Question
Soul Kiss = Ear Pain

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