Short Cut

FLOTSAM & JETSAM: The radio ads for the redesigned Post-Dispatch Sunday sports section said the new look for sports would respond to requests for more coverage of "motor sports and golf." Uh, so that means less space for sports? Will equal time be given to comparable spectacles of skill, such as monster-truck jams and billiards tournaments? ... Maybe it was just the juxtaposition that made it appear odd, but wasn't that article in the Thursday, March 25, newspaper of record about Anheuser-Busch's considering using plastic, instead of glass, bottles for their beer on the same page as a piece about A-B's winning an environmental award for -- among other things, we hope -- cutting the "mass" in aluminum cans by a third? Anybody remember returnable bottles? Maybe it was just an oxymoronic layout.... NBA color commentator Hubie Brown has his good moments, particularly when Vernon Maxwell's three-pointer tied the Lakers-Kings game at 106-106 Friday night, saying the flashy, come-from-behind Kings were "playing like bandits." But Hubie's showing his age when he refers to Vernon Maxwell as Cedric Maxwell of the long-ago Celtics and, get this, overhyped Kobe Bryant as the nonillustrious Coby Dietrich, who played for the Spurs back when there was still an ABA.... Most understated line of the week goes to Russia's favorite son, Boris Yeltsin, who allowed that Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian atrocity-meister, could be a "difficult fellow." That's like saying Boris likes his vodka. Absolut-ly.

Contributors: Eddie Silva, D.J. Wilson

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