Silent Treatment

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra teams up with the Magic Circle Mime Company to point young listeners toward classical music

But that tradition is not what Magic Circle performs, MacIntyre says. "Our mime is more like the Marx Brothers, or the silent-movie tradition. We're more interested in the character that we're creating."

While the mimes work on character, conductor Amado will be sweating the schtick. "I think there's a fair amount of running around that I'm not entirely used to," he says. "As long as I don't fall on my baton, I'm safe."

But maybe he's more of a natural than he thinks. "What's the conductor doing up there?" MacIntyre points out. "He's got some other responsibilities, but his movement quite often is what the audience is focusing on when they're watching the orchestra. He's doing his own mime up there."

The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's Family Concert with Magic Circle Mime takes place at 2 p.m. April 11 at Powell Symphony Hall. At 1 p.m., preconcert activities for kids will include face painting. Tickets are $5-$12 for children, $9-16 for adults. For information, call 534-1700.

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