Letters to the Editor

Cathey Flickinger


To the Editor:
This former St. Louisan just wants to send a heartfelt thank-you for putting the RFT online. When my family and I make our annual return trip, I pick it up as soon as possible, and I always miss it as soon as we leave. Now I can have it all the time right here in Los Angeles, and it truly puts me in a St. Louis state of mind.

My roots go back to the last half of the '60s, when I was a college student and worked for the St. Louis Outlaw, one of those radical rags that sprang up in those heady days.

Today, in a town where the so-called mainstream press has shrunk in terms of quality and content, the RFT really fills the gap with stories about what's really happening in the varied neighborhoods around town. It makes me feel like I'm there again.

One complaint, though. As someone who (mostly through your paper) appreciated the development and growth of the local music scene, I've missed the local coverage in a couple of recent issues. It's fun to read.

Thanks again.
Joel Sanoff

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