Hit Parade

Lost in the hubbub are a variety of points. For one thing, Blinne's piece had already been sold, with the money going to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network; all proceeds from her show were slated for charity. For another, the Midtown features an interesting, quirky series of spaces, and such an uproar may actually focus some positive attention on the site, which, for the record, receives only a small amount of state funding. One could also make the case that the center should've had clearer policies on the edginess of the work it displays: Apperson was put off not only by Blinne's work but by some of the Wash. U. photos, one series of which was shifted into a less visible hallway. The notion of this building as a family arts center, as Apperson puts it, is debatable; some of the low-level politics in the building seem to be bubbling to the surface.

Perhaps Blinne will use the incident as an opportunity to grow as an artist; after all, the sight of er ... um ... vulvas in modern galleries isn't all that shocking these days. Whether her work ever lands her on the evening news again, well, that'll depend on fires and shootings, of course.

(Postscript: Monday evening, the board of the Midtown Arts Center met. The show will stay up through May 5. Apperson quit as executive director. And Zimmer feels that Intermission will continue to be a part of the space: "Things will hopefully be a lot more peaceful now.")

FUN WITH NUMBERS: Mike Chesnut -- the would-be Libertarian member of the city's most august body, profiled in this space last week -- surpassed his own predictions, capturing 70 votes in the 16th Ward aldermanic race after saying that 50-55 votes would make him happy. Unfortunately, the city's most heavily voting ward came out in numbers. Incumbent Democrat James Shrewsbury captured just under 4,000 votes, with Republican challenger Matt Hoffman landing 1,350. But 70 is more than 55 any day of the year. No question.

THE BRAND-NEW "HIT PARADE" TOP SEVEN: The top seven things that approximate the width of Channel 4's Steve Savard's neck:

7. An elephant
6. A fire truck
5. Orlando Pace's thigh
4. Kevin Slaten's ego
3. The line at Cheetah Club
2. A Hot Locust burrito
1. Chris Heinrich's shoe

"HIT PARADE" HAIKU: This haiku thing is taking the town by storm, just as the wildly popular anagrams section did before. In fact, the minimalist poetry is now being called the "CNN of the streets," and for good reason. This week's haikus come compliments of "Toledo Dave," a former poster on the once-entertaining Postnet "Press Box." Thank'ee for the input, Toledo!

T. Crone rides K-Fans
Yup, "No question about it"
Thinks he's Richard Byrne

Hair Saloon for Men
Super Smokers, blah blah blah
Please punch Rob Fischer

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