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Meanwhile, Crow plans to spend most of the rest of the year on the road. After her current headlining tour ends, she'll be on the entire run of this summer's Lilith Fair and plans to follow that with a series of acoustic shows, probably on college campuses, in the fall.

She'd also like to put some dates together with Stevie Nicks, the once and future Fleetwood Mac singer and a personal hero; after collaborating on the soundtrack for last year's Practical Magic, the two worked together on Nicks' next solo album.

"I guess my role in this is really to try and create what she feels is an accurate picture of who she is," Crow says of Nicks, who recorded her song "Somebody Stand by Me" for the 1995 soundtrack to Boys on the Side. "She's a really prolific writer. I think the thing she has suffered in the last few years is when she goes into the studio, there's always a male producer that wants to make her into something that is maybe not as intimate as what she sees her music as being. Trying to get that on tape is going to be the real trick."

Sheryl Crow performs at the Fox Theatre on Saturday, April 24. Semisonic opens.

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