Dream Reverberation

Though the band's layered, almost cluttered, studio sound may seem impossible to reproduce live -- the Beatles retreated from live performance because they couldn't replicate the studio experience -- Hart says they have ways of producing the same vibrant feel without getting bogged down in too much technology.

"We add certain effects, but we don't try to play it like on the record, except for the basic structures," he says. "We kind of toy around with stuff. We put three or four tape players around the room with different effects on them that pop up from time to time, and we all have bells and shakers we play -- just toys, really. We try to get the vibe to be the same without the exact same effects."

If The Olivia Tremor Control were painters, they would surely fall into the abstract-expressionism school - the subject matter does not jump out at you, but, then, the subject is not the most important thing. What is more vital are the movement, the emotion and the subjectivity."I think our music is like a sound painting," echoes Hart. "That sounds pretentious, I guess, but that's what we're going for." Pretentious? Hardly. The Olivia Tremor Control are what you make of them, and that's the beauty. As they sing in the album's second track, "In the blink of an eye you get several meanings."

The Olivia Tremor Control performs at the Side Door on Thursday, May 6.

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