Letters to the Editor

Will something like Columbine happen again? Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. But so will school blood drives, and Operation Brightside, and Habitat for Humanity, which annually rely on teenage volunteers for staffing. Give your kid a hug tonight, and pray that they will be OK and that somehow the advice you give about obeying the rules will sink in someday. It's the best we can do.

Dan Reed


To the Editor:
I am writing in response to a cartoon on page 6 of the April 28 edition of the RFT. It depicts nine dead children whose bodies are arranged to form the letters "NRA." My interpretation of this cartoon is that the author is implying that the NRA is responsible (whether directly or indirectly, I can't say) for the tragedy that took place at Columbine High School on April 20.

My response to this is twofold. First, I once again see people attempting to point fingers at some organization for a tragedy that has occurred. Whatever happened to holding people accountable for their actions? Am I to assume that something like this would not happen if strict gun-control laws were passed? Anyone believes that is mistaken.

Just remember, cocaine, marijuana and crack are illegal, but if you really want them, you can get them. The same is true with guns; no matter what gun-control laws are put in place, they will still be accessible, even to children.

Second, I think it is absolutely tasteless that such a cartoon was put in your paper. No matter what the political viewpoints may be, I think that anyone who uses a tragedy in this way is appalling. Let me ask this question: What if one of the victims killed in Denver was your son or daughter, and you saw a cartoon using an image of his or her dead body in a paper to express a political viewpoint? How would you react to that? If you answer the question truthfully, I think you would be appalled as well.

I have no problems with the RFT expressing an opinion in a written editorial on this issue, but depicting dead children in a drawing is going a little too far. I believe you made the wrong decision on this one.

Jim Phillips

To the Editor:
I found the cartoon on this week's letters page, featuring the bodies of dead schoolchildren arranged to spell the letters "NRA," to be offensive and in as poor of judgment as one might exercise. What's next -- dead fetuses arranged in a "PP" Planned Parenthood design? No, I suppose the unthinking liberal agenda pursued by your paper would equally prevent both that and publication of this letter.

Gregory J. Pals


To the Editor:
We at Tony's are truly honored that your readers have voted us the best in seven different arenas -- from Best Restaurant to Best Service. Please know that we value every vote of confidence highly and that each recognition makes us proud. We understand that we earn each vote with every dinner we serve.

We would like to recognize The Riverfront Times as not only the best alternative paper in town but certainly one of the best in the country. We travel often and want to assure your readers that the RFT offers both a quality and a focus rarely seen elsewhere. We both thank you and toast your success.

Vincent J. Bommarito

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