Short Cuts

Mr. Wells, God love him, was urging listeners to call A-B to protest its pandering to sodomites. A-B, God love 'em, didn't get big by being stupid. They have two toll-free lines: If you support the ad, call 877-233-7725; if you think it's worthy of damnation, call 888-227-8783. Vote early and often.

BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS, WHATCHA GONNA DO? If anyone is still wondering how the city is going to ship its hardcore prisoners from downtown's city jail to Clayton's new "Justice Center" and pull it off as "revenue-neutral," consider this tactic: employee attrition. As city correctional staff quit -- and they do, at a pretty steady clip of four to six a month -- they won't be replaced. Fewer guards are needed at the county's Clayton jail, particularly because city staff will only be watching one floor, with the jail's main security being handled by county staff. Under the plan, about $1.9 million less will be spent on "regular salaries and fringes for all personnel." Also, the downtown jail's 226 prisoners (the limit set by the federal court) would be moved from the 75-year-old jail at 124 S. 14th St. to Clayton until the new city jail is finished. Public Safety Director Martie Aboussie sees the move in part as a defensive measure to prevent something catastrophic from happening at the old jail: "If you look at the condition of the jail, the concern we have is that if something would happen, we'd have to relocate prisoners, and where would these prisoners go, because we don't have a backup plan? The chances of something not happening in the next three years are slim because of the condition of the property." Martie, true believer that he is, says the move will not cost the city much more than the current setup. The city jail budget is $4.73 million, just $8,000 less than what is projected to be spent on the county-jail plan. Trouble is, most of the folks booked at the city's Bastille aren't in there for bouncing checks or burglary. Unlike suburbia, most are in for murder, so here's hoping the transportation from Clay-town and back will be uneventful. Once the jail is down, the local Borgias running Kiel Center will finally have some extra parking across the street. No longer will hockey fans or parents headed to Sesame Street on Ice be subjected to catcalls from some unfortunate soul awaiting this society's version of justice.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Has anybody figured out why last Sunday's edition of the daily paper of record wasted so much space on Carol Daniel of KMOX? And what fevered brain came up with the page 1 tease that described Daniel as a "talk show titan?" Even in this town of Lillliputian talk-show talent, Ms. Daniel is new, unproven. She seems chatty and benign, but why KMOX figured she would breathe any wind into Charles Brennan's drooping sails defies explanation.... Is it too much to ask the P-D sports section to print full statistics on NBA playoff games? You know -- rebounds, assists, minutes played. Larry Hughes is playing. The Hawks and Lenny Wilkens are still in it. It's the playoffs, OK? At most there are four games a night. We're talking agate here, a couple of column inches. Jeez.

Contributor: D.J. Wilson

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