Letters to the Editor

I'm not sure this nonsense belongs anywhere in print, but please keep this kind of tripe out of your restaurant reviews.

Paul Higgins

To the Editor:
Last week we enjoyed the restaurant review by Jill Posey-Smith, with its memorable cleverness, and this week her "Eastern Exposure" article on the Shiitake Cafe on Forsyth is delightful.

"Irony is the enemy of dinner" is a perfectly placed gem.
Do try to keep her around for more of these. And, yes, I will go to the cafe (on her recommendation of the eggplant alone).

Martha Ficklen

To the Editor:
One of my favorite parts of the RFT is the restaurant review. I was just wondering why you have taken it out and replaced it with the self-righteous ramblings of Jill Posey-Smith. As far as anyone knows, Posey-Smith may be a very good food critic, but who could tell? I see Posey-Smith as a very verbose wannabe novelist. Now, when I read a restaurant review, I would like to know three things. What restaurant? What did you have to eat? Did you like it? I have trouble answering the last two questions when I read Posey-Smith's reviews. She describes the potstickers at Shiitake: they "avoided the glutinous pitfalls that can daunt inferior specimens." Or the calimari: "I broke into a sweat, then broke into a smile; a cool, sweet mango sauce was an inspired accomplice to the impeccably crunchy squid."

Give me a break. What are we talking about here, food or Picasso's show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Just the facts, ma'am, put the thesaurus back in the desk drawer and tell it to me straight. Don't try to impress me with big words or by using four adjectives to describe one simple item. I read Posey-Smith's last few reviews, but could not tell whether she was content or displeased with her experiences. Frankly, I was flat-out perplexed. (I used the thesaurus for that word.)

Fredrick D. Harrison


To the Editor:
I am curious to know why the center music section as been moved. For me, being in a band and enjoying the nightlife in St. Louis, this is the most valuable section of the RFT.

The last couple of issues I had to muddle through to locate it, finding it way in the back. The advertisers that have been faithful to the side strips must also feel somewhat cheated, as this was the section that everybody could open up to and see what was going on in this city of ours. Please change the format back so those of us who use it can find it with ease.

Ray knew what he was doing. Why did you change something that worked so well for so many years?

Wren Coleman

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