Letters to the Editor

Jill Posey-Smith, in all her hyphenated glory, undermines her credibility early in the alleged review by detailing the company she keeps. She states that her "confederates" sustain themselves on Spam, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables and Cheetos. Apparently Posey-Smith has no experience with hyperbole, or she would realize that friends who do not eat good food cannot recognize it. I presume from her foul style and abusive tone that she is trying to state that her friends have bad taste and have found something worse than their usual fare. Whatever her intent, the point is made that she is part of the canned-greens, Spam-swilling company she keeps, incapable of enjoying real food.

Enjoying real food entails actually sampling some of the fare, which the author refuses to do. I have always assumed that a food critic was to at least sample the food presented. Posey-Smith was not doing her job, as evidenced by her failure to try the chips, salsa and refried beans, all of which are rather good. Our reviewer keeps company with those who "divine a sustaining virtue in many a noxious foodstuff," so how can we listen to her opinion?

Unfortunately, we were forced to listen to her many irrelevant musings on pop culture, her dubious definition of civilization and her extreme views of television. Posey-Smith often mentions the TV programs on, further explaining her bad attitude and lack of focus. She takes us on a tour of prime-time television more than a tour of the restaurant.

The bad attitude in this article is pervasive. Posey-Smith has a chip on her shoulder and apparently loves to snipe at whatever target is available. She is a bitter person, and had I been the bartender on duty, I would be shocked that such a surly person would be staying for dinner. I am sure that is what went through the bartender's mind when this abrasive person stormed in, determined to ruin someone's day, if not the life of a restaurant.

Cynthia Sensabaugh
Manager, Romo's

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