Short Cuts

"But now I need your help," the enterprising Wieland continues. "Untill (sic) I found someone who can help me I'm an old man." Wieland proposes an "advwertisement" in the paper, to be placed for free ("I don't have the money to pay it") with the number of his Swiss bank account and the invitation to all who want to help realize Wieland's dream "to bring the musical about the Motherroad to the Broadway in New York" to "spend $1 for it."

Maybe he's seen the old Mel Brooks movie, but for some reason Wieland felt the need to add, "This is not a joke!!!!!!!!" (ES)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Here's an addendum to last week's idle speculation that Francis Slay may run for St. Louis mayor in 2001. Conventional thinking has it Slay won't make the move unless there is a commitment from Freeman Bosley Jr. or Rep. William Clay that Bosley or a significant African-American candidate with Clay's backing will stay out of the election. If that scenario did happen, with incumbent Mayor Clarence Harmon and Slay dividing up the South Side, a Bosley could step in and have a shot at getting the 35 percent or so needed to win the primary. Does anybody remember Tom Villa and Tony Ribaudo? So more than a few stars will have to align properly for Slay to do the deed.... Memo to the crackerjack P-D sports-page staff: The San Antonio Spurs eliminated the Portland Trailblazers from playoff contention on Sunday, June 6. In the "On the Air" listings of Tuesday, June 8, under "Pro Basketball," the P-D listed "Portland at San Antonio, KSDK (5) 8 p.m." Guess it's a bit much to ask the sports jockeys at the paper to keep track of the NBA conference finals. If this were a trial and the prosecution had to submit evidence that the P-D either neglects or abuses NBA basketball, this would be Exhibit Q, or R. Meanwhile, back on the court, the highlight of the Knicks-Pacers series -- or the lowlight, for David Stern -- came when Indiana fans chanted, "Choke, choke," with Latrell Sprewell at the free-throw line. He stood at the line waving his arms, in essence gesturing, "Bring it on." Even though Spree did what many of us would want to do -- choke the boss -- it's hard to pull for the NBA's highest-paid team. So stick with the ABA: Go Spurs.... Yes, we know gambling is legal, but these billboards are so tacky. Next time you drive on the Vandeventer Overpass headed west, look at the Harrah's billboard. It features two people laughing, skipping, throwing cash in the air. Did they just win a bundle and are now throwing their winnings in the air, or are they entering the casino, throwing their own money away? You make the call. (DJW)

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