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"We're shooting for a state-of-the-art place," says McGuire. That might mean a small admission charge like the ones some suburban complexes assess. "There would probably have to be some fees involved, which we don't normally do in the city."

That's a bit complicated, because the new "mixed use" concept aims to have people of various economic classes living side-by-side. McGuire thinks there is a way to pull it off.

"In no way would it be any kind of an elitist kind of a thing," says McGuire. "The public-housing residents who live there need to have access, probably without a fee."

McGuire says the new center would be the city's "flagship rec center," pulling residents mainly from nearby Soulard, Lafayette Square and downtown but also from the rest of the city. Though the center would be publicly funded, private management is being considered. That's OK, as long as they don't make it a theme park based on something ancient like the World's Fair or the last time the Cardinals won a World Series.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: Details, details. David Harpool's running for Congress from the 2nd District, the West County seat that Jim Talent will vacate in his mad ambition to move to Jefferson City. The educated Harpool appears to have more degrees than a thermometer, what with his being a Webster University dean, vice president, lawyer, Ph.D. and all, but he may need to invest in a dictionary. In his brochure he states that he "supports the elimination of the Capitol Gains tax." Unless Harpool thinks there's a tax on anyone who wants to gain the Capitol, as in going to Washington, D.C., as a congressman, we think he meant a capital-gains tax, as in tax on capital (money) gained from investments, sales and so on. Wearing one of his other former hats — political analyst — what would he have said about that miscue?... Frank Cusumano, calm down. On his Friday-morning KFNS show, he stressed that of the "75 stories" he's done on NBA homie Larry Hughes, only one was negative. Earlier in the week, it seems, Frank criticized Larry for being a no-show at the CBC and St. Louis University basketball camps. Cusumano says Hughes had made a verbal commitment by phone, but because his agent didn't know about it and hadn't included it in the faxed schedule he sends Hughes, the appearances never happened. So the kids were let down. Sad. But the city's Board of Aldermen on Friday passed Resolution 101, sponsored by Ald. Irving Clay Jr. (D-26th), congratulating Hughes on his first year in pro basketball. The only glitch in the resolution was the description of the Philadelphia 76ers, Larry's team, as "legendary." Julius "Dr. J" Erving and Wilt Chamberlain were legendary as 76ers, but that was many, many moons ago. Give Hughes and Allen Iverson a few more years, and next time, uh, fax his agent about anything, OK?... Nothing is forever, but it was unsettling to discover, in the midst of scanning the beer specials at the QuikTrip at 10123 St. Charles Rock Rd., that a new ploy by Anheuser-Busch, our town's and the world's largest brewer, featured a caselike box of Budweiser longnecks that contained just 20 bottles. Was the idea to keep the price about the same but hold back 48 ounces of beer? What's next, five-packs of Busch? Caveat emptor.

Contributor: D.J. Wilson

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