Street Talk

How Do You Think You Would Have Fared Had You Been Born the Opposite Gender?

Bob Lombardo Artist/Director, North Gallery"Um, I am a woman. No, really, I probably would have had a cleaner kitchen — I like to cook, but I don't like to clean. And I probably wouldn't do as many stupid things as I do, but maybe I just wouldn't telleverybody all the stupid things I do."

Andrea Watts Student, St. Louis University"It wouldn't be so bad when I get called "sir.' Last summer, between customers at work and riding the city bus, I got called "sir' every single day."

Tony Chantiko Hairdresser"I'd be on my 12th pregnancy and living off the government."

Darlene Benning Paralegal, Shelhorse & Gavras"I probably would've gone to college right out of high school, made a career for myself, but, being a woman, the vision was to get married and have kids, so I did that, caught up in the role of what was expected of me."

Conor Kinney Student, Mizzou"See, ya know, I've always thought I'd've been a beautiful woman. My mom's well-endowed, and I'm tall. I'd've been popular in high school, but I don't know if I'd've had a clue in college."

Mike Galvin Frito-Lay Guy"I think I would've saved a fortune on drinks ... but don't think I would've been easy!"

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