Close Quarters

"And I suppose it's sort of confusing -- you don't know whether to dance or what to do, exactly." Butler's metal tastes extend to Metallica (the new Black Sabbath in tone and approach) but, mainly, "I'm big into the drum & bass scene. And I always go back to my old Depeche Mode records." Butler admits to liking some Oasis stuff, for instance, but mostly (and predictably) he's a fan of electronica -- a genre in which he includes artists ranging from Prodigy to Everything But the Girl. Does Butler believe that electronica, dependent on its cultish appeal for sustenance, can go mainstream? "I suppose a song like 'Guilty,' by Gravity Kills, or perhaps Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer,' might be as big as you can get." He pauses. "I wouldn't say that we'd be able to sort of match those." But Butler quickly adds that Apartment 26 has some new material that might sound extra-good on the dance floor.

"I was listening to the stuff the other guys were writing," he raves, "and I was blown away -- especially being around all these musicians on this tour, and seeing great music being done all the time." He pauses, dazed and enthused. "It's kind of inspiring, actually."

Apartment 26 performs at OzzFest, at Riverport Amphitheatre, on Wednesday, July 7.

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