Meet the St. Louis Beatles Fan Club

One former member of the group went so far as to move to England to satisfy her fandom. More often, though, remaining a faithful Beatle fan involves less extreme measures, though Solomon says she has managed to work up something of a correspondence with Yoko Ono. Asked about the woman some still blame for the breakup of the Beatles, Solomon quickly springs to Yoko's defense: "I'm not gonna get on my soapbox here, but just so you know, those people that automatically, when they see a picture of Yoko, hiss or boo or whatever are going back to nothing more than ignorance to think that this person is the person or the reason why the Beatles broke up. They haven't read the rest of the pages of the book. Step back, look at the big picture. This is the woman, this is the partner that John Lennon chose to spend his life with. He wouldn't have chosen a lightweight. I don't think people ever bring it down to a human level. They're people just like everybody else."

So there.

Jeremy Eaton

For more information about the club or the picnic, call 303-2586.

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