St. Louis architect William Adair Bernoudy learned his trade as a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright but came away with a style all his own

In his lecture at the Sheldon on Thursday, Overby will discuss Bernoudy and other apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright. In particular, Overby will talk about the legacy of Wright and what a heavy weight that was to bear for his many talented students. Bernoudy, for his part, was able to forge a significant reputation for himself on the strength of his buildings; thanks to Overby and the photographs of Sam Fentress, we can appreciate Bernoudy's rare talent in the full light of day, out of Wright's shadow.

Overby's lecture at the Sheldon Concert Hall takes place at noon Thursday, Dec. 16; the lecture is free. The exhibition of Fentress' photographs of Bernoudy's buildings will be on view in the Sheldon's Bernoudy Gallery of Architecture through Feb. 14.

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