William Partridge brings Christ Church Cathedral's 5,000-pipe organ to magnificent life

Another free concert series is geared toward the working professional who might like to experience the marvels of the church, the organ and the organist during the lunch hour. Every Thursday at 12:30 p.m., Partridge performs works by five or so different composers. He favors such artists as Bach, Mendelssohn, Franck, Widor, Vierne and 20th-century organist Leo Sowerby. Partridge says that 15-75 people generally show up for these efforts, including a smattering of homeless folks, who often rest in the pews during the winter.

"We turn up the heat for them," Partridge says of the homeless concertgoers. "Some sit here all day long and fall asleep; once I was playing a recital, and when I finished, all I could hear was two men snoring" -- surely a form of deep gratitude to the church and its resident virtuoso.

William Partridge performs the works of Bach, Purvis, Sowerby and others in a free organ concert at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 23. He performs at several services on Christmas Eve and Day, as well as the morning of Sunday, Dec. 26, and again as part of the First Night festivities on Dec. 31 ($10 includes all downtown events), all at Christ Church Cathedral, 13th and Locust. Call 231-5454 for information.

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