Award-winning jazz station KZJZ gets religion, leaving the AM band bereft of jazz; plus, other St. Louis follies and foibles

NO REST FOR THE WICKED, THE GOOD OR BIONDI: You're the Rev. Lawrence Biondi, S.J., president of St. Louis University. You've just had knee-replacement surgery. You're in the hospital, flat on your back, the day after surgery. What do you do? Write a fundraising letter, of course. The letter, dated Nov. 25, begins with "Yesterday, I had knee replacement surgery"; Biondi then admits that when he remembered he was in the hospital for Thanksgiving, "for a moment I felt sorry for myself." But the good padre remembers all he has to be thankful for and how so many are less fortunate. After Biondi schmoozes the recipient about how much good the "St. Louis University family" does for the community, he delivers the punchline in paragraph five: "During this season of giving and thanksgiving, please consider supporting Saint Louis University by sending a gift in the enclosed envelope." The amounts listed, with boxes to be checked beside them, range from $100-$1,500. If sympathy for the recuperating president is supposed to make the donor reach deeper, just think if Biondi undergoes coronary-bypass surgery.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: There he was again. Last week, KMOV was teasing viewers about Vince Schoemehl's running for mayor one more time, advising viewers to stay tuned. Jamie Allman interviewed the thin, tan, rested ex-mayor, but few declarative sentences were spoken: Yes, he's looking into it. No, he won't decide until late this year. As reported in this space in November, a Francis Slay poll has the aldermanic president beating Mayor Clarence Harmon one-on-one in a primary but losing to Harmon if Schoemehl enters the race. But relax -- it's a long way to 2001.... Ed Golterman, the man with a plan (go ahead -- ask him), called to complain that we made a mistake last week when we gave him the Andy Kaufman Award because he challenged the Blues' Mark Sauer and the Fox Theatre's David Fay to a wrestling match. Golterman has a point: He had challenged the pair to a boxing match, not rasslin'. Sorry, Ed. But Golterman did refer to Sauer and Fay as "bastards"; that much we had right. Golterman has split from the group he helped form to reopen Kiel Opera House, but that hasn't stopped him from coming up with a new plan to reopen the venue. There's one small hitch in his plan: It asks Civic Progress, Bill Laurie and the city to ante up millions of dollars, up front.... The NFL front office can't be too thrilled at the prospect of a Rams-Titans Super Bowl. They could rename it the "Greed Bowl." The Tennessee Titans were formerly the Houston Oilers, but owner Bud Adams vamoosed when Nashville offered him a better deal than Houston. And the Rams -- well, we know all about that deal.

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