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A fellow musician shares his memories of John Rudebeck

Ouija writes songs about pantsless grandpas, tattoos ("My Tattoo Will Burn in Hell with Me") and the horrifying world of married life ("Ultimate Bride") on their new full-length, the wonderfully titled Bow-Chicky-Chicky-Wow. The band, featuring Sue Rose, Bruk Longbottom and Patti Loth, spits out clunky punk on the standard bass, guitar and drum, and their music is no huge revelation -- it's been done before, what they do. But it hasn't been done before by them, which is all that counts here, and they manage to inject wry personality into the three-chord stomp. The group celebrates the release of Bow-Chicky-Chicky-Wow at the Way Out Club on Saturday, Feb. 12.... Speaking of the Way Out Club, the latest news on the club's move has it that they'll be in their new location on South Jefferson Avenue, right by Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop (2529 S. Jefferson), around the beginning of March.

Finally, Juan Atkins is the king of Detroit techno, having virtually invented it (along with Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May) in the early '80s, and when the master tome on the history of electronic dance music is finally written, his name will appear in the first chapter. As a member of Cybotron, Atkins created some of the first electro tracks ("Alleys of Your Mind" and "Techno City" -- the latter being the genesis of the genre's name), and over the course of his musical life he has continually created legendary tracks. His Detroit record label, Metroplex, nearly singlehandedly documented early Detroit techno, and his tracks on Berlin's Tresor label helped ignite the roaring German techno scene. A single paragraph doesn't do the man justice (though we would have given him more space had a certain club actually promoted his appearance), but his DJ set at Cheetah this Friday certainly will. Wanna get to the root of the whole thing? It's right here. Also spinning that night are Hypo, Astroboy and Bodaleg.

John Rudebeck: the soul in Mind Over Soul
John Rudebeck: the soul in Mind Over Soul

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