Stage Fright

It takes real metal to interview W.A.S.P.'s Blackie Lawless

Lawless has moved beyond these gimmicks, though. His later repertoire includes the "exploding codpiece," a device that shoots a spray of sparks from under his crotch. (This stunt once burned his ass nicely.) He sometimes uses a mike stand fitted with chopper handlebars, headlights and revving sound effects. A recent tour included his gross-out-de-resistance, a knife mounted to his codpiece known as the "dick blade," with which he rapes effigies of a nun and Marilyn Manson in various orifices. He then pulls a bloody fetus doll from the victim's insides and impales it on the knife. The kids just love it.

Of the show he's bringing to town for this tour, he says, "Man, this thing is wild. It's got blood and guts and more blood and bangs and booms and bombs and mayhem and pornography. Think of it as your local Boy Scout troop on crack."

If you're wondering whether W.A.S.P. stands for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants" or, as some of us figured in the '80s, "We Are Sex Perverts," Lawless provides the cryptic answer: "We Ain't Sayin', Partner."

W.A.S.P. plays Pop's in Sauget, Ill., on Saturday, March 18. Call 618-274-6720 for tickets.

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