Year of the Dogs

Local-band-made-good Stir celebrate the release of their second album, Holy Dogs

The title track, meanwhile, is about the hysteria surrounding the turn of the century. "Knowing that this record was coming out at the beginning of the millennium, the idea behind the song was the whole farce of the big scare, how everybody was freaked out by Y2K and nothing happened," Schmidt says. "The very last line says, "And in the end, when all is said and done/We'll start anew and I'll come back.' Nothing blew up. It was just business as usual."

For now, the band is gearing up for its hometown gig and for a welcome return to some serious roadwork. Just before Schmidt called, he was in a local studio, collecting some samples that were used on the record that they also plan to incorporate into their live show. When Stir hits the road this time, though, things may change along the way. The label seems to be behind the disc, radio is coming around already and a dedicated fanbase is in place thanks to hundreds of gigs around the country over the last five years.

"Things are starting to happen," Schmidt. "I guess this is what we're in it for. We're still having fun doing what we do, and it's starting to pay off, so we're excited about it."

Stir celebrate the release of their sophomore album, Holy Dogs, with a performance at Mississippi Nights on Thursday, March 16.

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