Something in the Way He Moves

Beatle Bob has been on a one-man dance marathon, bop-bop-bopping all over town. But why?

Sometimes Beatle Bob is seen walking early in the morning in the U. City Loop, wearing a heavy winter parka and carrying a black duffel bag. In the afternoon, he can be found studying the RFT's "Calendar" section at the St. Louis Bread Company, circling the week's musical offerings like so many long shots on a dog-eared racing form.

Jennifer Silverberg

On the night of the Blue Mountain concert at Blueberry Hill, Beatle Bob asks to be picked up at the Hi-Pointe Cafe. When he isn't there at the appointed time, the driver circles the block and finds him coming out from behind a Dumpster parked at the back of the Cheshire Inn. Early the next morning, after an exhausting night of dancing, he declines a ride home, saying that he is scheduled to meet a friend up the street at Cicero's. But the lights have already been dimmed at the restaurant, and the busboys are mopping the floor. Within moments, Beatle Bob has disappeared into the night.

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