The Road to El Dorado

Directed by Eric "Bibo" Bergeron and Don Paul

The always-game Kline and Branagh must be in on the in-joke: They scream like little girls and speak in cuddly tones. The two give it their brash Hope-and-Crosby best, only to be overtaken by lines that might better render them mute. And isn't it redundant to cast Perez in a cartoon? No matter how hard she tries to temper her Brooklyn blurt, she, like Assante and Olmos, still sounds as though she's reading off a paycheck -- or from the merchandising contract. They'll all make millions, and we're stuck with pennies on the dollar.

The Road to El Dorado
The Road to El Dorado

Opens March 31.

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It's so bizarre finding this article 15 years after the fact. I was a little kid when this movie came out, and these days remember it fondly as a classic -- along with a lot of folks my age. By contrast, I can't think of anyone I know who still likes Antz. 


I only discovered The Road to El Dorado about a week ago, and thought it was wonderful. It's a bit of a shock to read all the hate that got heaped onto it during its original release - especially when everyone I've talked to about it in real life loves it as well. 


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