Olive's Treasure

A retired stenographer has stashed away a fortune, but her life story is fading fast


Grim nodded: "This money you've donated to us will go toward fixing up a building we have. We'll be able to keep some of the dogs there, where they'll be safe and well taken care of."

"What will you do with them?" Mrs. Dempsey asked.

"We'll try to teach them to trust people."

Mrs. Dempsey smiled again and looked up at the reporters, photographers, attorneys and consultants standing all around with a look that said she had just lived the best 95 years of her life.

"You mean," she finally said, "you will teach them how to live."

The young man in front of her nodded.

"That's good," Mrs. Dempsey said. "That's very good."

In the background, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" played on.

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