Co-written and directed by Jonathan Mostow

Mostow's direction throughout is solid, and he proves very adept at creating tension. He only falters a little during the scene in which the Americans first take control of the German submarine. Combine the fast editing with a whole bunch of men wearing more or less the same thing in the driving rain and the presence of a cast of mainly generic faces, and it adds up to a whole mess of confusion. Maybe that was the intent, but it would be more satisfying to be able to follow the characters through the conflict with greater ease. One character appeared to me to be shot and killed on three different occasions, only to show up without wounds afterwards. Eliminating the driving rain might have clarified things. I know it's dramatic and all that, but leave the climactic downpours to Tony Scott next time.

The submarine actioner U-571 proves a see-worthy vessel.
The submarine actioner U-571 proves a see-worthy vessel.

Opens April 21.

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