At this point, team officials seem content to field the queries of "Just how wonderful will this wonderful place be?" that are fired off by TV sports "journalists," who cover the story like teen girls cover the Backstreet Boys. The Cardinals can happily count on not being asked to explain the unexplainable, which is why -- if a new stadium is needed -- they can't do it with private finances, like the San Francisco Giants just did (but only after being rejected for handouts four times by the voters).

The Cardinals' owners like to talk about how much the team means to St. Louis and its economy. What they conveniently ignore is how much St. Louis and its economy -- as America's No. 1 baseball town -- have meant for more than a century to the team they have owned for less than five years.

There's certainly a name for what they're trying to do.

But I don't think they'd want to put it on a stadium.

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