Human Traffic

Written and directed by Justin Kerrigan

And what rave movie would be complete without a hard-pounding soundtrack? Fatboy Slim, Underworld, Quake, Mulder and William Orbit are among the many artists to be heard herein. Like the dialogue, the beats come fast and furious, and they generally add to the whole feeling of trying to cram in a week's worth of partying in the two short days that follow the drudgery of a workweek. Who among us will not relate to Moff, forced to sit at the dinner table among hostile relatives as he comes down from a night of partying, imagining that he has a remote control with which to make his family, speed up, slow down or turn off altogether? Or Jip's painfully polite dialogue with an acquaintance he doesn't really like, which he then replays in his head the way it should have gone, had they both been honest? Whether one attends raves or not, the script has a lot to say about the human experience in general and the contemporary youth experience in particular. Kerrigan's feature debut is accomplished and impressive, and the cast resemble real human beings, rather than underwear models, in the best way.

Shaun Parkes in Human Traffic
Shaun Parkes in Human Traffic

Opens May 12 at the Tivoli.

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