John Ashcroft's Drug Money

"Prescription drug coverage is vitally important for millions of American seniors," Ashcroft said in a press release. He said he was responding to the concerns of seniors and other constituents.

Then again, there is the small detail that Ashcroft has voted against such prescription-drug funding three times in the past year and that this is the first time in his illustrious career that giving away billions in domestic federal spending has so excited him. This one's a pretty amazing stretch, even for Ashcroft.

Among the astonished is Larry Richardson, director for the Campaign for Fair Pharmaceutical Competition, the coalition fighting SB 1172.

"We sent lobbyists in to meet with Ashcroft, and they got nowhere," Richardson said Tuesday. "It's extremely hypocritical that he and other congressmen are now saying they're for affordable medicine, yet they're backing a bill that will cost consumers $11 billion in higher prescription-drug prices."

Hypocritical? Now, that's a little harsh.

Doesn't anyone believe in coincidences anymore?

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