Last Call for 3 a.m. Closings

Mediating the city's liquor-license madness is enough to drive an alderman to drink

"We had open speech on that chat room," Wiegert says. "Some of those things were racist in nature, and I didn't like that. Anything that appeared at all that could offend somebody as regards to race, I had taken off. And anything that would attack a fellow member, I didn't like that, either -- I had that taken off. But, unfortunately, each monitor had his own idea of what was an attack and what wasn't."

After the monitoring was discontinued, Wiegert got other calls from workers questioning the wisdom of allowing some rude comment to appear on the Web site. "They'd call me all day about taking stuff off. I spent a lot of time having to decide what went in or not," says Wiegert. "People would call all the time and say, 'Why is this going on?' and 'This is offensive to me.'

"I didn't monitor it that much. I read the thing maybe once a week or so, because it's very time-consuming," Wiegert says. "The problem is, with the anonymous posting, it looks like police association supports these announcements postings, and we don't. It becomes he-said, she-said stuff. It makes you wonder, when you look at it, 'Is this true?' It's like, when it's in print, it becomes a fact."

As is often the case, the best parts get edited out. Cops see a lot.

"We see tons of people who are having affairs. We see who's going in whose door. We see who's parked on the riverfront with whom; we see all this stuff," Wiegert says. "But that doesn't mean we should be putting it on the Web site.

"At some point, I thought we would get to a higher plane on what people put on there in the form of discussion, but we found the lowest common denominator for what was put on there."

CHARLES JACO, OMNIPRESENT WAR CORRESPONDENT: The KMOX (1120 AM) afternoon newsmeister has been around. If you don't believe it, check his Web site, He's also speaking at 7:45 a.m. June 15, at the general-membership breakfast of the Creve Coeur-Olivette Chamber of Commerce, at the Creve Coeur Country Club. To publicize the appearance by Jaco, described as "novelist, war correspondent, network news anchor, radio talk show host," a flier was faxed out, including the following paragraph:

"Jaco's career as a war correspondent began when he covered the overthrow of (Nicaraguan) dictator Anastasio Somoza -- 5 years later he was back in Nicaragua traveling with the Contra troops, living on iguanas and plantains while under constant attack. He has covered the famine and civil war in Ethiopia, the civil war in Angola, was stabbed in South Africa covering the apartheid system, was beaten by Manuel Noriega's riot police -- but retrieved Noriega's watch which he wears today, was shot down twice in El Salvador covering the civil war, was chased by armed drug traffickers in Bolivia, almost killed in Haiti by the Tontons Macoute and attacked by a mob in Jamaica. He covered the Branch Davidian siege in Waco and infiltrated the American Nazi Party in Chicago."

Apparently only space constraints prevented mention of Jaco's involvement with the French Resistance in World War II, his tagging along with Hannibal as he crossed the Swiss Alps during the second Punic War and his reports on the Peloponnesian War between those cerebral Athenians and pesky Spartans.

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