Is This a Good Omen or a Bad One for G.W. Bush?

The armadillo, Texas' best-known critter, migrates to Missouri

Having said that, he added one shot at the P-D's man on the town, Jerry Berger. In reference to a mention of a possible reorganization of City Hall's Board of Public Service suggested by its president, Ernest Harrell, which was mentioned in the Bergermeister's column, Harmon feigned that he didn't read the renowned columnyist and issued his own version of a Berger bit.

"I don't read the columnist who characterized this. I mean, why start your day out on a bad note all the time?" Harmon asks. "People say, 'Do you read him?' I say, 'I want to start the day off in a good frame of mind.'"

RADIO, RADIO: The infamous Bruce Bradley is back on the air from noon-3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays on KTRS (550 AM). But he's no longer camped out in Belleville -- he's broadcasting from Arizona, though because of technological advances that we hope will be more wisely used elsewhere, he sounds like he's in the River City as he takes calls. Maybe time has mellowed, or subdued, the Brucester, who exited town after a tacky performance on KETC (Channel 9) where his castigation of a caller had, how shall we say this, racial overtones. But on a recent show he said if he lived in New York, he'd vote for Hillary Clinton. And he says he finds watching Kathy Lee Gifford is like getting an overdose of saccharin. But his return stint is still young. Maybe the right caller will set him off.... O.J. Simpson was on the airwaves again, this time on KMOX (1120 AM) being interviewed by McGraw Milhaven and Carol Daniel. No, didn't hear it, didn't want to hear it. There's only one question to ask Juice and that's this: Why in the hell don't you just go away? Either Orenthal James is a murderer who got away with it or an innocent man who doesn't know when to shut up. Either he's an abomination with a horrible past or an annoyance with nothing new to say. He's getting several-hundred-thousand bucks a year from his pension; he otherwise has no debts. Like most people who have nothing else to do with their lives, he can go somewhere and play golf. And KMOX? Jeez, More Harry Hamm would have been better than this.

FLOTSAM & JETSAM: Be very surprised if Ralph Nader isn't on the November ballot in Missouri. The Green Party national candidate for president had more than 20,000 signatures collected in Missouri and submitted to the Secretary of State's office more than twice the number required.... Just how old is August Busch III? In Saturday's Post-Dispatch article on the brewery reorganization, he was listed as 63; in Sunday's survey of top-paid CEOs -- in which Busch played second fiddle to the Pulitzer Inc.'s senior veep, Ronald Ridgway, with $11 million last year -- Busch lost a year and was 62. At this rate, in a few weeks, Busch will be too young to buy a Bud.... Last week's bit of effluvia on the closing of Borders Books & Music-Clayton, formerly known as Library Ltd. at the corner of Forsyth Boulevard and Hanley Road, was a bit off the mark. It will close, as previously printed, in September 2001, but it will not relocate to the Brentwood Promenade at Highway 40 and Brentwood. The new Borders will be across Brentwood Boulevard from the Promenade, where they're tearing down that strip mall and those houses behind it for yet another new and improved strip mall. So now everyone planning their book shopping 13 months ahead will know where to go.

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