Letters to the Editor

Published the week of October 4, 2000

I have worked for several other institutions, as a graduate assistant and as a faculty member. The faculty members at Lindenwood, despite their fears and discontent, are more deeply committed to their students and devoted to their teaching than any I have worked with thus far.

We spend time with our students, mentoring them to the best of our ability and teaching them to the best of our ability. I, for one, am proud of our graduates when they walk through the gates each May. I am proud of what I do for a living. Do not misunderstand: Although I acknowledge Spellmann is a brilliant businessman, he is no academic. He has no liking for academics or for what we do, and nor do we for him. I, one among many, do not appreciate his tyrannical methods. Financially, though, Spellmann saved the school. We faculty members, whether through authentic goodwill or wanton hubris, wish to think we can save its soul. The institution has survived others, and it can survive Spellmann.

Spellmann and his administration cannot be and must not be confused with the quality of teaching we offer. Our students still learn to think and to think well. Our vocation as teachers is still valid. I do hope the students who graduate in May will remember there are two sides of Lindenwood University. One is the empire Spellmann has created for himself and his own glorification. The other is the university which many of us, myself included, are proud to serve.

Please withhold my name. I wish to keep my job.
Name withheld upon request

I wonder just how many readers of The Riverfront Times are blind in the mind. What is "blind in the mind"? The recent article (about fundraising in the Missouri Senate race) helps point it out vividly with an excellent graphic about political funding abuses (Melinda Roth, "Filthy Riches," RFT, Sept. 13). While both parties' money-laundering schemes are somewhat alike, there is a real and huge difference.

The "Spin Cycles" graphic that accompanied your article shows that for each $1 million given to incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft, challenger Mel Carnahan received $2.72 million.

While U.S. Rep. Jim Talent and his opponent in the governor's race are close, financially speaking, most Republicans are at a big financial disadvantage, from about a $1-to-$5 to a $1-to-$20 deficit compared with the Democrats -- with funds raised not from middle-class people but from the rich.

All major media (print, sight and sound) drumbeat over and over "Republicans are only for the rich." Yet facts prove Democrats actually control the big money. Democrats have many more millionaires in their controlling hierarchy.

People who believe the media have this blind-in-the-mind mentality. While Republicans have many, many more contributors of small dollar amounts, it is the greater numbers of the rich that want Democrats to control, with their much larger contribution. Somehow, the media have never been curious about this.

Example: U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt raises less than 3 percent from the nonrich and less that 10 percent of his $4 million plus from local support; the bulk comes from the entertainment capitals of our country. Challenger William Federer, on the other hand, has raised nearly half of his funds from 3rd Congressional District voters. It has been over 20 years since Gephardt lived in St. Louis. His three children have been raised in the Washington, D.C. area -- not our neighborhood. He is a Washingtonian -- not what his propaganda machine wants us to believe. His South City and County values have left him.

Blind-in-the-mind people vote straight Democrat because their union, parents or elders say that is best. "Best" is having the freedom of choice to do what you want -- win or lose.
Cleon "Bud" Gilberg

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