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Synchronia founder Timothy Vincent Clark doesn't want his group associated with that "C" word -- classical

Was it classical music? Who cares? If classical music scares you, well, then, Synchronia doesn't play classical music, because a Synchronia performance isn't scary and oppressive. If you are a classical fan but are scared by the thought of "new music," well, don't be a chicken. Just sit and listen. Don't analyze or critique. Just sit and breathe, and let it enter your ears unburdened by ridiculous expectations and unsubstantiated rumors. It's just music, after all.

The second performance of Synchronia's 16th season, titled An Evening of Beglarian, takes place at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at Steinberg Auditorium in the Gallery of Art at Washington University. The program comprises music by New York composer Eve Beglarian, along with new compositions by Clark and others.

We've wanted to give Revolve Records a shout-out since they first opened a few months back but hesitated because, well, their stock wasn't yet up to snuff and it seemed as though they were just getting their wheels on. The city's only totally DJ-friendly house, techno and drum & bass store is finally rolling along smoothly, and the racks are nearly filled. Chances are, if you're a budding DJ looking to find the 12-inch that's gonna burn the mother down, you know all about Revolve, and if you're not a DJ, you couldn't give two shits about a store that sells only vinyl. The secret to the store, though, is its CD wall; there aren't that many selections -- maybe 100 -- but locked inside that cabinet are some of the best mix CDs you're ever going to find, and rather than waltz blindly into another store and pick out some lame Junior Vasquez CD just because you know his name, a better idea would be to enter Revolve and ask for a little help. They know what they're talking about and will guide you toward your heaven. Ask them, say, for a nice, quiet house mix, and they'll send you in the direction of Terry Lee Brown Jr.'s Terry's Café 3, one of the best house mixes we've ever heard; ask them for something harder and deeper, and they might give you Jesper Dahlbck's remarkable Stockholm Mix Sessions 2. Revolve is located at 6370 Delmar Blvd., in the University City Loop.

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