Lip Sync-ed

Telemarketing, 'N Sync-style, puts a journalist on a party line

Throwing caution to the wind, I asked again for details before my line was cut off. "Most likely it's Grease III," Bass said.

"Grease III?" I wanted to shout. "Grease fucking III?" What suicidal maniac is guiding your career these days, I wondered. But by then we had moved on, and the next questioner was asking whether the guys had any solo projects in the works.

I reported the movie project on, and for a couple of days the story had legs. At one point, John Travolta stepped in, saying there was no way 'N Sync would be doing Grease III, because they didn't own the rights to it. Why they would want to -- well, that's a question for another teleconference, isn't it?

'N Sync: Both live and Memorex.
Mark Seliger
'N Sync: Both live and Memorex.
'N Sync: Both live and Memorex.
Mark Seliger
'N Sync: Both live and Memorex.


Sunday and Monday, Nov. 19 and 20
Savvis Center

And so we moved on to pressing questions like "What is your favorite part about being on tour?" -- this from Discovery Girls magazine, which is targeted at 8- to 12-year-old girls. Fatone: "You sleep more." "If you could switch places with any other performer for a day, who would it be, and why? (from Bop magazine). Chasez: "Bruce Springsteen, because his vocal cords are insured for, like, 6 million bucks. I'd just call in with a sore throat." (Fatone would be Lenny Kravitz.). And this from Tiger Beat: "What would you most like to get stuffed inside your stocking this Christmas?" Joey: "Love, true love."

OK, enough. It's asking too much to want to glean any actual information from one of these things, but the least we can do is call them out on how lame it is to do teleconferences instead of actual interviews that have some give-and-take. God knows a band with nothing to sell but sizzle wouldn't want to give out any information about themselves that they can package, sell and hope have stuffed in their fans' Christmas stockings -- or maybe somewhere else.

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