Bad Head Job

The Post leans on TV for election coverage and flubs the Big Story

Robbins says that those whose charge it is to gather the news are not worried. "Circulation depends on a lot of things; it depends on content, but it also depends on distribution, production, how soon you get it to people," he says. "There are a number of things we're working on in terms of our distribution that greatly affect circulation. There are clearly things in our content that affect circulation. I'm not deeply disturbed that "Boy, our content is hurting, and that's why circulation is dropping,' because I think that would be a naïve and simplistic explanation. But I'd also be lying to you if I said I wasn't concerned. Like all papers, you wonder, "Where is it going?'"

About 220,000 readers saw this erroneous headline.
About 220,000 readers saw this erroneous headline.

Well, down, way down. And that's not a projection based on exit polls. That's a fact.

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