Week of December 13, 2000

What a pillar of morality: The front page screams: "Internet smut peddlers reaped millions from unsuspecting credit-card holders. Their partner in slime was right here in the heartland." [Bruce Rushton, "Porn in the USA," RFT, Nov. 29].

Such glowing terms. Such a noble endeavor. The Riverfront Times is crusading against the "smut peddlers" and their "dirty little secret behind this success story." What a pillar of morality! Hooray!

Do you really see any difference between the content on pages 16-25 and pages 78-82? Can you sit there and with a straight face tell us that in one instance, making mucho bucks off pornography is a bad thing and at the same time you have five full pages of such innocent content as: "XXXotic black females available to pleasure you at all times," "CHEAP PHONE SEX from 99¢min," "HORNY H.S. SENIORS," "HORNY BACKDOOR VIRGINS," "HORNY GAY FRAT BOYS Toll free," "CROSSDRESSERS want to explode for you! Real names & #'s $2.50+/min.," "FOURTH CALL FREE !!!!" "Barely Legal Coeds want to meet men! CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THEIR HOMES! VISA, MC, AMEX ALTERNATIVE BILLING OPTIONS 18+ $2.49+/min."

Gimme a break.
Bill Hamm
St. Louis

Flower Power
Like father, like son: I enjoyed your review of the Wallflowers [Daniel Durchholz, "Critic's Pick," RFT, Nov. 22]. But I must say all the songs on the CD are good. I love every single song on their new CD.

Their music will speak for itself, and over time it will do just as well as, if not better than, their last record! I do believe they will be around, which is more than I can say for all of the Total Request Live stars. I believe Jakob Dylan is like his father in only one way: He is a legend in the making.
April Reid
via the Internet

Missing Links
Thank God for Red Meat: First, "News of the Weird," then "Life in Hell" and now "Free Will Astrology"? What the hell is going on with your publication? "Red Meat" is now one of the few reasons to pick up the Riverfront Times. (Another good reason is reading all the annoying letters from people like me.) I do want to give you credit for the strange questions in "Street Talk," but that alone is not going to keep me reading your paper.
Name withheld on request
St. Louis County

"Weird" lives on the Web: In an old RFT, reading what I thought would be my last "News of the Weird," I noticed the address www.NewsoftheWeird.com. You might at least, as a courtesy, publish this address for the benefit of your "Weird"-less readers.
Mary Garrett
via the Internet

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