Week of December 20, 2000

And call the Cardinals' bluff. We know and they know that only the most passionate diehard fan will cross that river and buy a ticket, especially if we hit another losing season. My bet is if the city says no, the owners would find a way to dig into their own deep pockets and build their new stadium themselves.
Peggy Goddard

Bank Heist
Many banks are unwilling to police unscrupulous merchant activity: I read with great interest your article about Heartland Payment Systems and Internet processing [Bruce Rushton, "Porn in the USA," RFT, Nov. 29]. As a provider of merchant processing services, I thought the article was well written and easily understood by people with little or no understanding of our specific industry. I applaud your diligence in pursuing the story and think you provide a valuable service to the public by educating them about the danger of visiting Internet sites, especially those with adult themes.

It is apparent that Visa, MasterCard and many "member banks" are unwilling to police unscrupulous merchant activity until the public has been bilked out of literally millions of dollars. My company does not and will never allow "adult content" Internet sites to operate, but there are still many who will and, in fact, encourage such sites.
Name withheld on request
Germantown, Tenn.

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