Week of January 3, 2001

I have nothing against them riding like that or hurting themselves, if they choose to and if it's done in a controlled atmosphere. Let them rent a parking lot or a racetrack.
Kevin Ray
Mt. Vernon, Ind.

Bikers have enough trouble living down stereotypes: A motorcycle is like a car or, for that matter, a firearm, which, in the wrong hands, is a lethal weapon. If these "crotch-rocket aficionados," as you call them, were using firearms, would the RFT be hailing them as "firearm aficionados" or as "gun nuts" and cry out that firearms should be banned?

Performing antics such as these on public highways only serves to anger the general public and give them the ammunition needed to place even more restrictions on motorcycles and motorcyclists. It wasn't very long ago that a Missouri state senator introduced legislation to ban "crotch rockets" (the very bikes the Streetfighterz ride) because a friend's son was injured on his newly purchased crotch rocket while traveling at a high rate of speed.

Before anyone thinks I dislike motorcycles, I own two and have owned as many as five at one time. I ride 10,000-plus miles per year and have been riding for over 25. Motorcyclists have a hard enough time still trying to live down the Hollywood Easy Rider stereotype without articles such as this.
J.N. Benignus
St. Peters

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