Week of January 17, 2001

And God forbid we stay in an area where we have family and friends (which I'm sorry you can't relate to) and where people are genuinely friendly. But I suppose you're right; almost no one in Brooklyn or Queens is there because they were born there and have family and friends there. That is absolutely a Midwestern failing.

I hate "homers" and "boosters" almost as much as you, but your criticisms seem more like knee-jerk negativism. Maybe you can drop us unwashed masses a line when you find paradise. Somehow I don't think you're going to get there. Somehow I don't think you're the kind of person whose apartment is filled with skis, backpacks and scuba gear, ready to hit the world in search of the next great adventure. I think you're one of those smarmy naysayers who, even if you did live next to an ocean or the mountains, would be sitting in front of his PC going, "Man, this place is so lame!" Because when it's all said and done, every place has its downside; the real adventure is to go out and find all the worthwhile stuff and to do it without boring everybody with your constant whining about how there's nothing to do.
Chuck Schneider

I think he's an asshole: I just finished reading D.J. Wilson's latest rampage. My response to him is simple and straight to the point: Go live someplace else, you asshole.

I've lived in several cities in my lifetime and have landed in St. Louis because we do have it good here -- easy parking, fast commutes, reasonable housing and friendly people (with the exception of Mr. Wilson, of course). I never could figure out why someone would stay here if they think it sucks so badly -- limited career opportunities elsewhere?
Kelley Bryan
St. Louis

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